Lifetime Members

as of May 12th, 2016


The Albers Family
Chip and Elaine Ard
John & Gae Bachle
Scott Schafer and Jennifer Barcus-Schafer
Chris & Leigh Barrow
Ned Beattie
Jake and Wendy Beeson
Caroline and Guy Berry
R. Richard and Connie S. Boone
Rebecca Brown
Missy and Steve Bruns
Chad and Amy Burden
Ken Busby
Jeff and Amy Castleberry
Patti and Brian Chalkin
Randee and David Charney
Lisa and David Clark
Llon & Lori Clendenen
Rodney and Amy Clingan
Josh & Claire Combs
Jason and Jennifer Cook
Marilyn Cox
Cynthia and Jason Decker
J.C. Diaz
Larry and Brooke Dormont
Angela Douglas
Steven Douglas
Sean & Sarah Doyle
Matt and Stephanie Farris
The Faulkner Family
Kristin and Michael Ferguson
John Frusciante
Caren and Ben Gerkin
Judy and Charles Glenn
Sharon and Gary Gould
Paul Gehring and Gena Gray
Linda Gunning
Julie Hackler
The Hammond Family
Alan and Janet Hasegawa
Cora Hasegawa
Richard Hasegawa
Marianne Brett & Michael Hedin
Frederick Hegenbart
John and Melanie Heil
Steve and Samantha Heinen
Ann Herndon-Cox
Glenn and Judy Hudgens
Ethan Warlick and Kimberly Hutton
Shannon and Jim Inhofe
Bob and Sue Jackson
Greg and Lesley Jennings
Jared & Amelia Jones
Julie Karlak
Dana Karlin
Susan Keary
Bruce and Melanie Ketcham
The Rollins M. and Amalie L. Koppel Foundation
Kevin and Lelanya Kunesh
Allbritton-LeBlanc Family
Dan and Terri Lowe
Steven and Charlene Lusk
Kate and Jake Mahaney
Jana Mahoney
Mannis Family
Kathleen and David Marshall
David Martin
Tom and Nancy Mason
Meinen Family
Scott and Carol Meyers
Scott and Dayna Milburn
Steve and Karen Mitchell
Michael and Jamey Morrisett
Stanley and Diane Novy
Kristen and James O'Connor
Irma O’Brien
Ivana and Angus O’Brien
Susan Olive
Christopher and Miranda Pautler
Charles and Jacqulyn Pero
Ben Phelps
John and Rebecca Porter
Olivia and Susie Porter
Lloyd Prueitt
Crossroads Fresh Connection, Brett and Stacy Puckett
Mara and Jeremy Rabinowitz
Judy and Roger Randle
Robert Redemann
Corey and Julie Redington
Judd and Amanda Reynolds
Chad and Gabrielle Ricketts
Bruce and Shea Roach
Jim and Sharon Ruley
Terry Rychel
Russ & Christina Schafer
Suzanne Schreiber
Stacy Schusterman and Steven Dow
Daniel and Jennifer Seely
Marlow and Scott Sipes
David & Johna Smasal
Channing and Christina Etzel Smith
Michael and Sheryl Smith
David & Marianne Stambaugh
Casey and Jennifer Stowe
Jeff and Stacy Strow
Michael and Emily Tamez
Angela Miller & Brad Turner-Parker Simon
Lucia Ann and Miller Van Hanken
Neil and Libby VanDalsem
Joshua and Johnna Walker
Susan and Bill Walker
Rachel Watson
Roy and Ann Watson
Elin and Jeff Webb
Nathan and Amanda Weber
Peter and Jill Wegner
Cynthia West
Paul and Stephanie Wheeler
Michael & Lori Whelan
Brandon and Lisa Whitworth
Christina Smith Williams
Maureen and Lane Wilson
Tristan and Melissa Wilson
Tulsa Community Foundation and John and Julie Wolfkill
Emily C. Wood
Kelly and Diane Wood
Stephen and Jane Wright
Kajeer and Maggie Yar

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