Visitation Policy



Please remember our visitation policy for classroom visits. 


***Per Kinder General Information and Procedures given in the Kinder Mandatory meeting in April, 2013.   (Sent again November 20, 2014).

School/Class Visitations:

We request that parents do not visit the class or come to eat lunch with their child during the first month of school.  This is to help them with the period of adaptation to the school environment.  For many children it is difficult to separate from their parents at the beginning.  Separating a child more than once during the day is not helpful in adapting to a whole day on their own at school.


After the first month we encourage you to come and eat lunch with your child once in a while.  Also, if you would like to visit the class to observe your child you may do so with a 24 hour notice to the office and teacher.  Our rule of thumb for observations is an hour or less.

You cannot sign up to go to the library, nurse or other person and then pop into classrooms or stay longer than one hour.  This is per our contractual agreement with the Teacher’s Union.

Thank you!

Connie Horner


Eisenhower International School

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