Strategic Plan
    Implemented 2009

    In late 2007, the need for a comprehensive strategic plan was identified. By early 2008, a group of EIS parents and administrative staff assembled to determine the best plan of action. The goal of the strategic plan is to identify priorities of the school and work toward meeting them in an effective and efficient manner.

    Strategic Plan
    In 2010, the group decided to measure growth since the implementation of the Strategic Plan. A survey, almost identical to the one sent in 2008, was sent to all families, staff and faculty.  Results of both surveys are linked below.

    2008 Survey results
    2010 Survey results

    Below is a summary of the biggest differences between the surveys – these changes can be linked to improvements made based on the strategic plan:

    • Fewer said that the exterior landscape needed attention. This is likely because of the    improvements that have been implemented in the last two years;
    • The need to improve the science room moved up in priority, from fourth place to 2nd place (restrooms remained the number one area for improvement);
    • More said there were enough target language materials in the classroom (thanks to an effort to increase those) and more respondents said the exchange programs were effective;
    • Respondents were not as concerned with the amount of time spent in non-academic programs;
    • Just as in 2008, science and humanities were ranked as needing special attention, many said math programs needed attention;
    • The cafeteria was ranked higher as were the counseling services available at the school;
    • There was a big increase in satisfaction of technology instruction (thanks to a new position);
    • There was greater concern that the number of classroom teachers was insufficient (for obvious reasons).
    The EISPTA has a dedicated budget line for strategic planning projects. Thus far, several projects related to the strategic plan have been funded – but the EISPTA is still accepting new proposals. To download a copy of the Request for Proposals, please use the link below. Projects such as improvements to the teachers’ lounge, donated trees on the campus, the storage house being torn down by the end of 2010, increased funding for teacher development and others have been implemented.

    EISPTA Strategic Planning Request for Proposals
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