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Language Immersion - Opening Minds to a World of Possibilities

Develops language capacity of the brain

Exposes students to international cultures and ideas

Develops stronger creative thinking and problem-solving ability

Develops excellent listening skills

Increases capacity for future language learning

Increases employment potential

Eisenhower International School (EIS) is a Tulsa Public School, located at 3111 East 56th Street, near Harvard, west of Grimes Elementary. Students at EIS participate in second language immersion programs. When they begin kindergarten, EIS students are enrolled in either the French or Spanish immersion program.

In second language immersion programs, all instruction in the early learning years is delivered in French or Spanish. By using this method, students learn what all other elementary students learn. In addition, they are also learning a second language.

Children are best able to learn a second language when they are young. That’s the time when the human brain is ready to learn language, and whatever language the brain hears, it can learn!

Eisenhower serves elementary students from throughout the Tulsa Public School district in grades kindergarten through fifth grade.

What Parents Want to Know About Foreign Language Immersion Programs

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