What Is Considered A Good Typing Speed?
 15 to 29 WPM - Beginner      
 30 to 49 WPM - Intermediate (Certificate)      
 50 to 69 WPM - Excellent (Award)      
 70 to 100 WPM - Superstar      

Typing Technique
Students learn blind typing. The basic principle is to practice repetitive movements without looking at the keys. It enables students to type at faster speed than visual typing. Furthermore, students make fewer mistakes and get less tired because they do not have to track both the text and the keyboard.
One way to reach the target speed is to practice a good position and to develop a rhythm: each letter is typed within the same amount of time. The starting position for both hands is on the home row keys (asdf and jkl;), barely touching the keys, the thumbs rest on the space bar. For typing letters outside the basic position, use a short stroke, as if the key was hot, before returning to the basic position.
It is crucial to practice the correct letters first rather than the speed because correcting mistakes is time consuming. Accuracy comes before speed.With proper practice it becomes a reflex to hit the correct keys while significantly increasing the speed.

For more general information look up websites dedicated to typing such as the following: typing.

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