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Welcome to Eisenhower International School!

At Eisenhower International School, we create responsible, global citizens through language immersion and international exchanges. Research explains that learning in a second language increases the brain's capacity to problem solve. In essence, it gives the brain the power to work between two languages to solve the dilemma. Our students typically do well on all state and district-mandated standardized tests in their upper elementary classrooms and beyond.


Eisenhower International School is a language immersion school with a focus on creating students who are fluent in English and one other language (either Spanish or French). The process of immersing students in another language for classroom learning allows students to naturally learn from the target language – and they do. Bilingualism increases brain cognition by utilizing the highest levels of thinking, focus, and awareness. Bilingual children who are educated in their second language often outperform single language children in their native language. Click here to learn more.


Students, staff, parents and community members have designed and created over time an outdoor botanical learning space where students can participate and develop an awareness and understanding of nature. It is a recognized habitat and watch station for the migration of Monarch butterflies. Come and join us on our global journey!

Measures of student success

  • Eisenhower is the top-performing school in the State of Oklahoma, winning the Academic Achievement Awards based on a perfect Academic performance Index (API) 4 years in a row (2006-2009).
  • More than 80% of the 5th grade students will earn Honor Roll recognition at the middle school level each year.
  • Fifth grade students travel as ambassadors in our school’s academic exchange programs with Spain, Costa Rica, and France.  These students sit in class in a French or Spanish school and fully participate in the curriculum.  
  • Students develop a broader, international mind set at EIS.  For example, when learning to sing The Grand ‘Ole Flag, an EIS 5th grader remarked in class, “How do we know this is about the American flag?  It just says red, white and blue flag and many countries have red, white and blue flags.”  Then he proceeded to name of few of those countries for the music teacher.  The staff thought this was a huge measure of success in critical thinking and international attitudes!

Eisenhower International

Pre-K - 5th Grade

3111 E. 56 St. 
Tulsa, OK 74105
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Phone: 918-746-9100
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