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Measures of Student Success

  • Eisenhower is the top-performing school in the State of Ok, winning the Academic Achievement Awards based on a perfect Academic performance Index (API) 4 years in a row (2006-2009).
  • More than 80% of the 5th grade students will earn Honor Roll recognition at the middle school level each year.
  • EIS French Immersion students participate in the National Concours (French National Exam), and each year a number of EIS students (and former EIS students at the middle school and high school levels) rank in the top 10 national rankings.  This is a test taken by thousands of immersion students across the country.
  • Fifth grade students travel as ambassadors in our school’s academic exchange programs with Spain, Costa Rice,  France and Canada.  These students sit in class in a French or Spanish school and fully participate in the curriculum.  
  • More Eisenhower students place in the District Speech Arts Festival than from any of the other 55 elementary schools in the Tulsa Public School District.
  • Students develop a broader, international mind set at EIS.  For example, when learning to sing The Grand ‘Ole Flag, an EIS 5th grader remarked in class, “How do we know this is about the American flag?  It just says red, white and blue flag and many countries have red, white and blue flags.”  Then he proceeded to name of few of those countries for the music teacher.  The staff thought this was a huge measure of success in critical thinking and international attitudes!


Our school mascot is the Dolphin, with its great ability to communicate with language, to exist in this world not bound by international barriers, and to be protected by law.


School Colors: Blue, silver, and white, representing the deep blue of the oceans, which connect all land forms of the earth, the gleaming white of ocean foam, and the silver glistening of the sun and moon upon the water.


"We Like Ike"


"Be Prepared, Be Prompt, Be Polite"


Dolphins circling a sun-bathed Western Hemisphere (Emblem conceived and created by members of the 1992 - 1993 Student UN, working with Tulsa World artist David Carman).


We learn today
We lead tomorrow
Hand in hand and standing tall
At Eisenhower International School

Eisenhower International School
Opens the door for tomorrow
Understanding all about the world
At Eisenhower International School

We've got the power
Leading the way
Learning to Learn

At Eisenhower International School
We learn today
We lead tomorrow
Hand in hand and standing tall

At Eisenhower International School
"We Like Ike!"
At Eisenhower International School

Lyrics and Music by Harriet Patterson, 1992 


Eisenhower International School
3111 E. 56 St
Tulsa, OK 74105