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Approved Eisenhower Uniform Policy 

  • Patches and embroidered logos are required to be on polo shirts, jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts or dresses. (must be on the left side of the chest)  T-shirts or sweatshirts must have the EIS logo silk screened on the front. (Pre K is exempt from logos except for tee shirts must have EIS logo silk screened on the front).
  • Shirts (with the exception of sweatshirts) must be tucked in at all times.
  • Belts must be worn at all times unless the pants lack belt loops. Exception: Kindergarteners and Pre-K do not have to wear belts.
  • "Tuck in and belt up"


1.  Long sleeve/Short sleeve T-shirts                             
Colors:  White, Navy, Light Blue, Royal Blue

2.  Long sleeve/Short sleeve Polo Shirts                       
Colors:  White, Navy, Light Blue, Royal Blue

3.  EIS Sweatshirts/Hoodies, Red EIS Hoodies (FRIDAY ONLY)                                           
Colors:  White, Navy, Light Blue, Royal Blue (No outside uniform sweatshirts or hoodies in classrooms or hallways; must be left in locker.)

4.  Oxford shirts                                                                   
Colors:  White, Light Blue

5.  Turtle/Mock Neck, or  Undershirts
Colors:  White, Navy (Underneath Only – not to be worn as a uniform shirt.)

6.  Peter Pan Blouse
Colors:  White, Light Blue (under jumpers only)

7.  Polo Dresses
Colors:  Navy or Light Blue (Need shorts under dresses - Uniform colors or solid color shorts)

8.  Jumpers Only
Colors:  Navy, Khaki, or EIS Plaid #77 (Plaid only at K Renee’s; Need shorts under jumpers; Uniform colors or solid color shorts)

9.  Cardigan Sweaters
Colors:  Navy

10.  Jackets/Vests, Fleece or other (Must have logo)
Need to be approved before applying EIS silk screened logo. Non-approved jackets and coats must be left in locker.             

10.  EIS Spirit Wear (FRIDAYS ONLY – Jeans are acceptable with spirit shirts)


1. Shorts (No Denim Shorts)
Colors: Navy or Khaki (Must be uniform - appropriate length)

2.  Pants
Colors: Navy or Khaki

3.  Jeans (Only on Fridays with a spirit shirt)
Colors: Blue Denim Only on Fridays with spirit shirts (No embellishments: must be dark blue jeans-no black or gray)

4.  Capri Pants
Colors: Navy or Khaki

5.  Skirts/Skorts
Colors: Navy, Khaki, or EIS Plaid #77 (Plaid only at K Renee’s). Must be uniform - appropriate length – longer than fingers; Need shorts under/uniform colors.                     

6.  Tights/Leggings (No leggings as pants or sweatpants)
Colors: Navy, White, or Black

7.  Belts
Colors: Solid Black, Brown

Preference – Athletic shoes are required (must be tie or Velcro across the top of the foot.), Slip-on shoes (including sandals, crocs and mules or shoes with wheels) are not uniform.  On snow or rain day students may wear boots to school but must bring another pair of shoes to wear inside

10.  Socks (Required)
Colors: Solid Navy, White, Tan or Black



Eisenhower International School
3111 E. 56th St.
Tulsa, OK 74105


The following are NOT UNIFORM OPTIONS:

Overalls, denim skirts, shorts or capris, sleeveless shirts,   sweatpants, jeans, cargo pants or shorts.